What is LPG?

What is LPG?
  • LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas – describes flammable hydrocarbon gases including propane, butane and mixtures of these gases.
  • LPG is a by-product of the process of separating petrol from crude oil, liquefied through pressurization, comes from natural gas processing and oil refining.
  • LPG is very versatile fuels and used in over thousand applications as cooking, heating, aerosol propellant, SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas), petrochemical feedstock and auto fuel.
  • LPG gases can all be compressed into liquid at relatively low pressures and its transportation & storage is relatively easy and can be used at remote location.
  • An unpleasant odorant is added to aid the detection of a leak.
  • LPG is an eco-friendly choice, as it is a low carbon, low sulphur fuel.
  • LPG results in lower CO2 emissions than other energy sources, such as coal, diesel, petrol, fuel oil and biomass.
Benefits of LPG
  • LPG makes cooking easy, fast and economical.
  • LPG can cook faster than other fuels because of its high calorific value.
  • LPG stoves emit less overall heat than any other cooking device, thus keeping your kitchen temperature unaffected.
  • LPG creates the least greenhouse gas emission of all the available fossil fuels. It contains very less amount of Sulphur, Nitrogen and other particulate matters that are harmful to the environment.
  • Unlike traditional cooking fuels like firewood, charcoal and kerosene, LPG does not leave ash, soot or harmful smoke.
LPG for home use

At the comfort of your home, OPI Gas offers immediate and hassle-free gas cylinders through its dealer’s network right at your door step. We invite you to experience the world-class services of OPI Gas (Pvt) Limited.Our LPG bottled in cylinders is marketed in Pakistan under the brand name of “Khaas Gas” in 11.8 Kg, 15kg, and 45.4 Kg sizes depending on the consumption pattern of the end-user. “Khaas Gas” cylinders are manufactured as per international safety guidelines following DOT 4BA & DOT 4BW standards. These cylinders are also inspected and approved by renowned Third Party Inspectors for day to day use. At home LPG makes cooking easy, fast and economical.

LPG for commercial use

There are almost no limitations for LPG use in the industrial sector. Some common applications include heat treatment furnaces, direct firing of ceramic kilns, glass working, textile and paper processing, paint drying and cotton singeing, process heat (oil and steam) and forklift fuel. The purity of LPG also enables it to be used as an aerosol propellant in un-odorized form. Clean burning LPG is ideally suited for domestic and commercial cooking, space heating and water heating, and power generation, particularly in remote locations. LPG can power the smallest domestic appliance or the largest industrial application. In addition to its many applications as a fuel, LPG is also an important feedstock for the chemical and plastics industry.