HSEC Policy

Our commitment – Zero Harm

We firmly believe that all injuries and incidents can be avoided if activities are properly planned and executed in a controlled manner. We will achieve this by ensuring that all equipment is in excellent running order and that our work procedures ensure safe operations and our people are properly trained and agree to work in our prescribed manner. We remain committed to the well being of all when at our site. We will:

  • Implement measures and work procedures that put the health and safety of our employees, contractors, environment and community first during all of our operations;
  • Comply with and, where possible, exceed all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and benchmarks;
  • Formally set and track objectives across our organization to achieve higher safety and environmental performance;
  • Play a leading role in promoting industrial best practices;
  • Step up, maintain and update our risk management systems for early identification and prompt handling of all HSEC hazards;
  • Not begin work where it is believed that additional controls are needed to bring HSEC risks to acceptable levels;
  • Train our people to understand their HSEC responsibilities in line with their duties;
  • Encourage conservation of resources and management of hazardous and waste materials to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment;
  • Inculcate respect for and uphold fundamental human rights across all of our activities;
  • Provide a workplace for our staff that values and promotes productivity, diversity, meritocracy and fairness;
  • Engage with and support local communities within our areas of operation in a culturally sensitive manner; and
  • Review and improve our progress against our own HSEC standards;

Ultimately, we endeavor for our business operations to create value for all stakeholders involved. By understanding and managing our HSEC risks to reasonable levels, we aim to instill confidence and pride in our shareholders, employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, business partners and local communities in the way we do business.