Why OPI Gas?

Our commitment
Our goal is to take the hassle out of your energy supply – so you can focus on what you do best. We take care of everything for you: from initial consultations to design, installation, energy supply and ongoing support for any risks. Evident from a track record of fourteen years we take pride in serving our customers how remote you may be.
Why OPI Gas?
  • 17 years of experience
  • Largest distribution network in Pakistan
  • Dependable deliveries
  • High calorific value gas
  • Excellent safety standards
Your first choice of LPG
Switching your supply to OPI Gas is easy through our widespread distribution network. So whether you are our potential consumer or franchisee setting you up with what you need is swift. Just call us to setup a meeting or send us your query at info@opigas.com.
Guaranteed customer service
Our Management team’s vision, hands-on approach and teamwork allow us to deliver value to our customers. We are proud of our customer service – from your first contact with us till our distribution agents and technical support we aim to provide you with industry leading customer service. We’re really happy to say that our customers stay with us for many years.
Our clients